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"hank you, Thank you, Thank you! What a treat having you play at another family event. Your talent added such a special touch to David and my wedding day. It is always a pleasure working with you! Thanks again!"

Client (the actual letter)

"Please accept this tardy thanks for your participation in an event that proved so successful for Greylock. Anyone who attended the reception that evening was equally impressed with both the food and beverages and the musical entertainment that you provided. Your Dixieland ensemble provided a festive atmosphere that permeated the entire first floor of Greylock. You were well adorned and your music was enjoyed by all. Thank you again for your help in making this event so successful."



Mike Schiffer & Susan Caine "Thanks so much for the excellent music you played at our 4Oth Anniversary Party. It was played well, with all the right tunes and at the right volume. It was perfect. Susan and I look forward to our next party at which we hope you will play again. The enclosed picture is a remembrance."

client (the actual letter)

"Thank you very much for your wonderful performance at our wedding. You knew exactly what we were looking for, even without having to have intensive meetings to decide what music suits us well. We enjoyed having you, as well as your music, at our reception. Thank you again."

Client (the actual letter)


Mike Schiffer"What a joy it was to have you playing the piano at the Gala benefit on Saturday. How wonderful of you to donate so much talent and time to us. Your music started everyone's evening so elegantly and festively. I think that is why it was one of the best benefits we have ever had. So many people told me how much they enjoyed hearing you play."

Best, Deborah Ferro Burke, SBLN Chair
(the actural letter)

"Schiffer is one of the most accomplished piano men around, as comfortable with a bunch of traditional Dixieland sidemen, as he is happy and effective improvising by himself for a silent movie, or integrating into a bop-inflected combo for which he provides a solid rhythmic background and some highly inventive solo choruses."

Simon Wainrib, Berkshire Record

"Thank you so much for getting me a band for my anniversary.  I was impressed with your promptness and willingness and ability to find a good jazz combo.  I shall speak highly of you wherever I go."



Nancy Fremont & Mike Schiffer, Photo by Art Marasco"Thank you very much for playing during our anniversary party at the Red Lion Inn. Everyone enjoyed your music so very much! We are so happy that you could be there and so thank you for making our Evening of Thanksgiving such a memorable occasion."

Client (the actual letter)

"Just a note to thank you again for your wonderful music for Tiffany's and Carter's wedding day. They're still on their honeymoon, but I know they were thrilled with everything, so wanted to write you on their behalf, as well as ours, to thank you for helping to make their day so very special. Thank you from us all!"

 Client (the actual letter)

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