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Mike's Schedule

This calendar represents a portion of Mike's professional schedule.

Sunday7/157:30 Exciting Trubute to Nat Cole by Johnny Segalla, vocals, with me at the baby grand. No Cover.
Sunday7/22afternoon wedding (private)
Friday8/177:30 Accompanying cabaret singer Johnny Segalla at The Gateways Inn, Lenox
Saturday9/17:30 Accompanying Johnny Segalla in songs from the Great Anerican Songbook. A nice comfortable piano lounge at Gatewys B&B.
Thursday9/137 PM Accompanying Johnny Segalla at Geer Nursing Home
Friday10/267:30 Johnny Segalla and I do a cabaret show at Gateways B&B piano lounge
Friday11/167:30 Crooner Johnny Segalla and I perform at the Gateways B&B piano Lounge, Walker Street, Lenox
Friday12/77:30 Johnny Segalla and I entertain at The Gateways Piano Lounge, Walker Street, Lenox

Providing music entertainment for the Berkshires for over 50 years

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