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Mike's Schedule


This calendar represents a portion of Mike's professional schedule.

Friday12/16Private Party, 5-7:30
Saturday12/246-9 Playing 28th Annual Christmas Caroling around the Steinway at the Red Lion Inn lobby.
Sunday12/256-9 Playing Christmas music for diners on the Red Lion's gorgeous Steinway. One of my favorite gigs the past 27 years!
Friday2/177:30 Playing for vocalist Johnny Segalla at comfortable cabaret room The Gateways in Lenox
Friday4/28 Private function
Saturday5/134 PM Private Party
Thursday6/1511-1 Playing the Willowwood annual picnic
Friday7/77:30 Will be accompanying promising young vocalist Johnny Segalla at The Gateways, 51 Walker St, Lenox
Friday8/47:30 Playing with exciting singer Johnny Segalla at The Gateways, 51 Walker St, Lenox
Friday9/17:30 Come join us at the Gateways Inn's lounge. Johnny Segalla singing with Dan Broad on bass and Mike at their baby grand.
Thursday11/167 PM Berkshire Athenaeum where I'll be accompanying Charlie Chaplin's wonderful 1918 silent film comedy, Shoulder Arms

Providing music entertainment for the Berkshires for over 50 years

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